Tips When Performing General Scratch Repairs On Cars

One of the more common repairs for cars today is fixing scratches. They can show up in a number of spots for different reasons. If you're careful about how you handle general scratch repairs, they will turn out looking great and not compromise your car at all. Wear Nitrile Gloves You'll be doing a lot of things with your hands when treating scratches on your car. You thus want to keep them protected with a pair of nitrile gloves. [Read More]

4 Signs Indicating That Your Semi Truck Needs Professional Repairs

Semi-truck owners and drivers can prevent many of the truck accidents that happen yearly. Proper and regular maintenance is one of the easy ways to ensure your semi-truck is safe to drive at all times. In addition to servicing the truck, you should always be on the lookout for any signs indicating that your truck might develop or have already developed mechanical problems. Here are four signs that it is time for professional truck repairs. [Read More]

Why Do Transmissions Fail?

Many people don't appreciate the importance of a properly functioning transmission until they find themselves having a faulty one.  You can get a sense of a faulty transmission when you hear odd noises coming from the transmission, your vehicle handles poorly, or see a puddle of bright red fluid underneath the vehicle. While some causes of transmission problems, such as transmission fluid leaks, are rather obvious, others can easily go unnoticed. [Read More]