4 Signs Indicating That Your Semi Truck Needs Professional Repairs

Semi-truck owners and drivers can prevent many of the truck accidents that happen yearly. Proper and regular maintenance is one of the easy ways to ensure your semi-truck is safe to drive at all times. In addition to servicing the truck, you should always be on the lookout for any signs indicating that your truck might develop or have already developed mechanical problems. Here are four signs that it is time for professional truck repairs.

When You Get Trouble Braking

Brakes are a crucial component of your truck. Quality brakes should bring your truck to a stop within minutes of applying them. Some indicators that your brakes could be failing include grinding, squealing, and squeaking noises when you apply them. Vibrations and feeling squishy when you press down the brake pedal are other trouble indicators. The problem could be as simple as worn-out brake pads or something complex like leaking brake fluid. However, it is wiser to take the semi-truck to an experienced auto-mechanic, as opposed to speculating on what the problem could be. 

When the Warning Lights Flash

Your truck's dashboard constantly gives you information about its condition. For example, the check engine light will only start blinking when your vehicle is developing engine trouble. The problem could be a misfire or overheating. The best way to tell why the lamp is on is by allowing a professional mechanic to pop the bonnet and check the condition of your truck's engine. Timely checkups and repair improves your engine's performance and stops major future complications.

When the Vehicle's Performance Drops

Every semi-truck owner is accustomed to how it performs in different conditions. For example, you know how many miles your semi-truck covers with one liter of gas. You also understand how it responds when going uphill or when navigating rough terrain. It is time for a maintenance check if you notice the truck is struggling and using more gas than before. In this case, it would be wise to consider a battery check to ensure it is not causing trouble.

When the Color of the Exhaust Changes

A change in the color of your exhaust is another indicator that the vehicle is developing mechanical problems. For example, blue and gray exhaust typically means oil is burning in the exhaust chamber. On the other hand, black fuel indicates rich fuel from faulty injectors.

Get a competent auto mechanic to help check your semi-truck regularly. They will help with simple oil changes and also recommend complex repairs and spare part replacement when needed. With timely semi-truck repairs and proper maintenance, your truck will be safer on the road, fuel-efficient, and durable.