Why Do Transmissions Fail?

Many people don't appreciate the importance of a properly functioning transmission until they find themselves having a faulty one. 

You can get a sense of a faulty transmission when you hear odd noises coming from the transmission, your vehicle handles poorly, or see a puddle of bright red fluid underneath the vehicle.

While some causes of transmission problems, such as transmission fluid leaks, are rather obvious, others can easily go unnoticed. Here are some mistakes that may silently kill your vehicle's transmission.

Not Using The Correct Type Transmission Fluid

Just like your vehicle's engine uses engine oil to function smoothly, the transmission relies on transmission fluid to work well. The fluid helps to keep the internal parts of the transmission cool and lubricated correctly.

However, not all transmission fluids are created equal, and using the wrong type may ruin your transmission.

Not Changing Your Transmission Fluid Regularly

Transmission fluid requires regular changing because it gets dirty from normal use of the vehicle. If you don't change your transmission fluid according to your vehicle manufacturer's instructions, the old fluid will become ineffective at its job of keeping the transmission cool and lubricated properly.

When this happens, the internal components of your transmission will begin to rub against each other and overheat, eventually resulting in transmission failure.

Not Getting Your Transmission Serviced On Time

The transmission is one of the many parts of your vehicle that need to get serviced on a regular basis to continue functioning properly. If you fail to get yours checked as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, many problems will go unnoticed, leading to a breakdown of the transmission.

Having Bad Driving Habits

You might not know it, but how you drive could be destroying your vehicle's transmission. Some bad driving habits that might be killing your transmission include but are not limited to the following:

  • Frequently making abrupt stops while driving.
  • Not using the parking brake.
  • Stomping on the brakes.
  • Driving downhill in neutral.
  • Engaging the reverse gear before stopping completely.
  • Revving the car in neutral.
  • Pounding on the gas pedal.

If you're guilty of practicing the above-highlighted and several other driving habits that are bad for your transmission, don't be surprised if you end up experiencing transmission failure.

Whatever the reason your vehicle's transmission may break down, the experts at an auto mechanic shop near you can diagnose and repair the problem. However, taking proper care of your transmission remains the best way to avoid costly transmission repair bills.