Why You Shouldn't Ignore Work Truck Problems

If you have work trucks, you want to make sure anything that is wrong with them gets repaired as soon as the issues are noted. If you allow your work trucks to stay on the road after they have an issue that should be repaired, then there are a lot of problems that you can have come up, along with the original problem that will need to be tended to at some point. [Read More]

Heater Core Problems: What Should You Do About Your Car Problems?

If you notice a small puddle of fluid or damp carpeting under your car's dashboard, you may wonder if there's a hole or bad hose in your radiator. You could actually have a leak in your car's heater core. Learn more about heater core leaks and how you can properly diagnose your car's problem below. What's a Heater Core? Unless something happens with your car's engine block or head gasket, the majority of radiator leaks occur on the outside of the vehicle. [Read More]

Repair Or Replace Your Tire: Know When It's Time For Tire Replacement

You can expect anywhere from 25,000 miles to 50,000 miles of life out of your tires, but this is a wide range to consider. On a vehicle driven an average of 15,000 miles a year, this means you will need new tires every three to four years. If you drive less miles, the age of your tires can become an issue and still need to be replaced. When there is damage to a tire from a puncture, where the puncture occurs and the size of it will determine whether you can repair or replace your tire. [Read More]

Critical Signs Your Brakes Need Replacing

Taking care of your car will allow you to remain independent and get where you need to go. It's vital to look at for a wide range of warning signs that may mean you need to repair this item. Being aware of issues with your brakes is vital to allow you to be safe while on the road. Squealing sounds If your brakes make a squealing sound, this could mean that you'll soon need to put in new brake pads. [Read More]