2 Tips For Inspecting Your Car For Minor Damage After A Hail Storm

During an unexpected hail storm, you may have realized that your car is sitting out unprotected in the driveway, causing you to worry about it being damaged by the stones. Once the storm has passed and you can see your vehicle, you may be relieved that you do not see any major damage. However, even if the hailstones were small and you do not see any major damage, there could still be minor damage that can be just as detrimental to your body's body and paint. Use the following tips to help you find any minor damage after the hail storm has passed.  

1.  Move Your Car into a Shaded Area

While inspecting your car for damage, you may believe that you need to use the brightest light possible to help you detect any dings, dents, or scratches. However, the exact opposite is true.

If you leave your car in direct sunlight, reflections off of the paint may camouflage any damage. Instead of leaving your car in the sun, pull it into a shaded area, whether it be under a tree or in your garage.

Once you remove the stark brightness, you will be able to clearly see any dent or dimples that were formed at the points of impact in the body. Make note of these areas, then move on to further investigate the damage.

2.  Run Your Fingers over the Paint in Dented Areas

When you do find dimples or small dents in the body, you may think that, since the damage is not that noticeable, you can put off having it repaired. However, within the dented areas, the paint may have been cracked or scratched.

If so, this form of damage, while not detectable, needs to be repaired as soon as possible. If not, the damaged paint will start to chip and peel, and moisture will be able to easily penetrate the underlying metal.

To check to see whether there are unseen cracks or scratches in the paint, run your fingers inside of the dents and dimples you found in the previous section. Make note of these areas so your can point out the damage to an auto body repair technician.

Using the above tips can help you pinpoint any hard-to-see damage caused by the hail that needs the attention of a professional. If you do find any dents or cracks and scratches in the paint, take your car to an auto body shop that offers auto hail damage repair service to discuss your options for fixing the body and paint.