What To Do About A Busted Headlight

When you realize that a headlight is out, it is inconvenient as it will not be possible to use the car in the dark. You may be lucky and be able to get home, but the auto repair must be carried out right away. You will be able to carry out the exchange yourself as long as you are careful and are prepared to follow instructions.

The bulb and tools

You need to make sure that you have the correct type of bulb as trying to use the wrong one will be pointless. Your owner's manual should give all the details including a parts number that should help when purchasing the new bulb. You also will have to have the right tools and the good news is that you do not need anything special, just items that you are likely to already own.


You will need to have the manual handy, as this will show you how to disconnect the headlight. You will also want something to clean the bulb. If the vehicle is old, you could need a screwdriver, although newer ones do not use screws. You may want to wear safety glasses in case there is a problem during this auto repair task.

The process

  • Remove the headlights power connector if you are able to—if it is too closely connected, you may need to get a mechanic to do this for you.

  • Wiggle the bulb until it comes out, but be gentle so that you do not break the bulb.

  • Check you have the right replacement, and if so, clean the bulb to ensure it shines clearly.

  • Line the bulb up and push it into place.

  • Twist and ensure that it is in the correct place.

  • Replace the clip and then the dust cover before putting back the power connector.


Now the auto repair is complete. It will be best to try out the bulb before you go back on the road, as there will be problems if the replacement bulb is not working. It should be as simple as turning the headlights on, and you will know if you have been successful. If the bulb does not work, it could simply be a matter of checking that the connection is correct.

Hopefully, this will be all that is needed to change the bulb, but if you have not got the headlight working now you will need to see a mechanic for an auto service.