4 Auto Care Tips To Improve Handling, Safety And Fuel Mileage When Your Car Needs Servicing

You have routine car maintenance like oil changes done to prevent wear, improve performance and get better fuel mileage. In addition to the maintenance you do to the engine and drive train, you also want to consider the tires, brakes, and suspension. The following maintenance tips for your car's suspension will help improve performance, handling and fuel economy:

1. Good Tires and Prepare Care Do A Lot More Than Keep You Safe

One of the most important things that you need to consider for your car is the tires. You want to make sure you use the correct size tires for optimal performance and handling. In addition to good tires, caring for them is also important. Make sure that you check the tire pressure regularly and adjust it when it changes due to things like changes in the weather outside.

2. Balancing Tires When You Have Them Changed to Prevent Problems

Another part of maintenance that your car's suspension needs is balanced tires. This is something that needs to be done every time you have new tires installed, as well as when there is a problem. Tires are balanced with small weights, which can move or be knocked loose, causing the tire balance problems that cause excessive tire wear and poor handling.

3. Routine Brake Jobs and Inspecting Suspension Parts for Signs of Wear and Problems

The brakes of your car's wheels and suspension; that help you stop and keep you safe. Brakes should be done regularly by changing the pads, checking the parts for wear and bleeding the air out of the lines. Make sure you do the brakes regularly to avoid more serious problems with your brake system, excessive tire wear and damage to the suspension.

4. An Alignment Done to Ensure Good Handling, Reduce Tire Wear and Improve Fuel Efficiency

Alignments are another important part of suspension maintenance that needs to be done to improve handling and reduce tire wear. You will want to have an alignment done whenever major maintenance or repairs have been done to your suspension. An alignment will also be needed if you notice vibrations or the car not steering in a straight line or pulling in one direction or the other.

These are some maintenance tips that will help to improve handling and performance. If you need help with your auto care needs, contact a tire service for help with maintenance to your car's suspension.