Are You A First Time Boat Owner? Safety Accessories To Have Before You Hit The Water

If you have a boat and are a first time owner, it's important to know what different boating accessories you'll want or need for your boat. Safety has to be your top concern, and you want to be sure that if there is any type of emergency on board, you are prepared the best you can be. Here are some of the items that you want to purchase at a marine accessory or watercraft supply store and that you should have on your watercraft at all times.

Life Vests

You need to buy life vests for the boat. Not just any life jackets that you find will do, but instead you need life vests that are:

  • Coast guard approved
  • Numerous enough for the amount of passengers your boat can carry so you are never short or unprepared
  • Proper sizes for kids and large adults

You want to know that the life vests you have on board can save lives if needed and that you have met the legal requirements if you get pulled over on the water.

Emergency Raft of Boat

You should have an inflatable raft or boat, or something that blows up when triggered, in case you have to get off your watercraft because it's sinking or damaged. This way you have a backup method to get everyone to shore or to wait for help to arrive.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an item that you must have on the boat by law, and having more than one isn't a bad idea. Make sure that the unit that you have isn't expired and that it's the appropriate size needed to put out a fire on the watercraft.

First Aid Kit

When you are around water, it increases the chances of slips and falls, and you want to be prepared for injuries. Make sure that you purchase a first aid kit to put in the boat. A kit that has cold packs, wraps, skin glue, a CPR mask and other items will be ideal for the boat.

If you are a first time boat owner and are ready to go out on the water, make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions to be safe, and make sure that you are prepared for emergencies that could take place. This way you will feel confident when you are ready to get in the boat and hit the water.