Are You Ready For Summer? 4 Signs Your Car's AC Needs Servicing

Now that the temperatures are starting to heat up, the last thing you want to do is get stuck inside a hot car. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's going to happen if the air conditioner in your car isn't working properly. Once your air conditioner goes out, you may end up waiting weeks for repairs, especially if your mechanic is inundated with other drivers who waited too long to service their air conditioners before summer arrived. To help you avoid a long, hot summer, here are four signs you need to have your car's air conditioner serviced right away.

There's No Airflow

If your vents are barely providing any air flow at all, chances are good that you have a problem with the hoses or the evaporator. A damaged hose can prevent proper air flow from getting into the cabin of the car. Not only that, but mold or algae inside the evaporator can also lead to a loss of air flow. If it's been a while since you have your air conditioner serviced, you need to have your hoses and evaporator inspected as soon as possible.

There's No Cool Air

If you've got plenty of air coming through the vents, but none of it's cool, you could have something more significant wrong with your air conditioner. A lack of cool air is often caused by problems such as a broken blower motor, a blown fuse or switch, or a worn-out condenser. If the air that's coming through your vents is warm, it's time to have your air conditioner inspected.

There's a Hissing Sound

If you're seeing a brightly colored fluid leaking from the underside of your car or if you're hearing a distinctive hissing sound when you turn your air conditioner on, chances are good that you've got a leak somewhere in your air conditioner. Once you hear the hiss or see the leak, you need to stop using your air conditioner and head to the mechanic for an inspection of your air conditioner.

There's a Foul Odor From the Vent

If you're smelling the faint odor of wet dog, mold, or soggy newspapers when you turn your air conditioner on, you need to have it serviced. In most cases, those odors are caused by a dirty filter, but if the filter isn't changed quickly enough, it could lead to more serious problems with your air conditioner. One way to avoid the foul odors is to have your cabin filter replaced each summer.

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