Necessary Tasks For Your Summer Diesel Vehicle

If you have a diesel vehicle or truck that you drive exclusively in the summer, then you are probably looking forward to bringing out your vehicle for the season. However, you can not simply turn over the engine and hope for the best. You will need to complete some necessary tasks beforehand. Keep reading to learn about what they are and how they will assist you.

Changing The Oil

You probably understand that your diesel engine needs oil, just like your car that runs on gasoline. However, diesel engines require a different kind of oil, and this oil can break down significantly under a number of circumstances. Oil that sits for a long period of time will oxidize. This causes the air bubbles to enter the oil, and the air will react with the oil. 

One of the main effects of oxidation is the thickening of the fluid. Since diesel oils are already thicker than gas engine oils, due to the increased lubrication needs, the oil may be too thick to work properly. The thick oil will increase the friction between the oil and the engine parts, and this will keep it from lubricating properly. This is especially true during cold start situations.

Since engine components can wear quickly without proper lubrication, make sure to change the oil in your diesel engine before you start it. Make sure to check the color and consistency of the fluid when you do. If oil is extremely thick and black, you may need another change within the next month or two, to rid the engine of the leftover residue. 

Additionally, consider adding an oil with an additive to deal with water. Water can get into the engine compartment as it is stored, and this can lead to more substantial oxidation. Ridding the oil of the condensation can protect your engine form repair issues.

Change The Air Filter

It is common to see black exhaust coming out of the tailpipe when you start your vehicle for the first time. This situation coupled with a hard start is an indication of an improper fuel to air mixture. Not only can this keep the engine from running properly, but it will also add to the pollution you release into the atmosphere. 

To help encourage a good fuel and air mixture, you should first add new diesel to the tank. Diesel fuels can become contaminated easily with water as well as additional sulfur due to the car's storage. Next, you want to change the air filter so more than enough air can get into the engine. 

If a black exhaust continues, you may need to have the fuel injectors and the injector pump inspected. Speak with a diesel engine repair specialist for this type of service. For more information, contact a company like South Houston Engine.