How To Get Auto Repair Work Done Right

Finding a professional who can handle automotive repair maintenance needs to your satisfaction is important. Checking out certain details, such as where a business is an AAA certified auto repair services provider can help, but you also want to make sure the shop you'll be dealing is able to do the job well. Follow these five tips, and you'll have a better chance of being happy with how a project will turn out.


Getting a guarantee of the work to be done is a good idea. Don't settle for a spoken guarantee. Ask the technician to provide you a written guarantee that includes details such as the shop's name and address. You'll also want to see a clear statement of what is and isn't covered since a powertrain guarantee doesn't help a driver who brought a vehicle in for differential repair services.


Seeing that a shop is willing to proudly list its qualifications is an assurance of excellence. You can look for a lot of different indicators, such as the location being a licensed state inspection station or an AAA certified auto repair facility. Don't be afraid to ask if the mechanics have trade school diplomas or ASE certifications, too.


Knowing someone who has been dealing with a shop is often a strong kind of proof. You should, however, ask your friend to be detailed about recommendations. Some people just enjoy the level of customer service a business offers, so you want to ask questions aimed at finding out how good the actual work being performed is.


It can be tempting to want to cut down on costs by skimping on parts, but most modern vehicles are pretty demanding in terms of what can go in them. Ask a technician whether the shop uses genuine OEM parts or aftermarket options. If they do use aftermarket components, ask for an explanation. For older vehicles, it's increasingly common for automobile manufacturers to discontinue parts after a decade.

Shop Beforehand

The moment when you're desperate to get a vehicle fixed isn't the best time to be looking for help. You might find out, for example, that a shop doesn't handle a task like rear axle repair or differential repair work. If possible, try to look around for a garage when your car doesn't currently need work since you'll be in a better position to make a more informed decision.

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