Signs Your Muffler Needs To Be Repaired

Your muffler is a part of your vehicle that controls where the exhaust from your vehicle is released out into the atmosphere. Without a muffler, your vehicle will be louder, and the exhaust may be released directly into the cabin of your vehicle. Your muffler is an important part of the vehicle, and in some states, it may be illegal to have a muffler that is not attached, especially if you have to have an emissions test on your vehicle. If your muffler is in need of repairs, there are signs to watch out for that may indicate a muffler issue. Read on for some of the signs.

You Hear Clanging Or Other Loud Noises

If you can hear your muffler rattling around when you hit a bump, or your vehicle moves up and down while driving, there's a chance that the muffler straps have broken and your muffler may be hanging a bit low, hitting the underside of your vehicle every time you hit a bump. The other straps can break with time, leaving your muffler hanging, which is why you see so many mufflers on the sides of the road. If your muffler strap has broken or you have multiple broken straps, you need to take your vehicle in for repairs.

Your Muffler Is Loud

If your exhaust sounds loud, and not in a good way, there may be a chance that your muffler has some damage to it. Your muffler may have fallen off, or you could have some holes worn into it from rust over time and with weather. If your muffler is damaged, you should consider replacing it with a new one to prevent exhaust from leaking into the cabin of your vehicle, which can lead to carbon monoxide poison if you aren't careful. 

Your Muffler Is Expelling A Lot Of Exhaust

If you do smell a lot of exhaust in the cabin of your vehicle, there may be a chance of holes, damage, or a missing muffler altogether, or it may have disconnected beneath the motor and those fumes are just expelling into the cabin. Either way, you should have it looked at by a professional and repaired or replaced as needed.

If you notice any issues with your muffler or your exhaust, you need to have it looked at and repaired right away. Don't allow this issue to continue, as you could cause even more damage to your vehicle without getting it repaired. 

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