2 Reasons Why You Should Have the Hole in Your Car’s Exhaust System Repaired ASAP

While driving down the road, you may have noticed a loud whistling or sputtering noise coming from underneath your car. After investigating the sound, you may have noticed that there is a small hole in the exhaust pipe or muffler.

Because the hole appears small, you may believe that you can put having it fixed on hold. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should go ahead and have the hole in your exhaust system fixed as soon as possible.

1. Exhaust Fumes from the Hole Could Leak into the Passenger Compartment

One of the major reasons why you should not wait, and instead, have the hole in your car's exhaust system repaired as soon as possible is that the fumes from the hole could leak into the passenger compartment. Normally, when the system is intact, the fumes are channeled safely away from the compartment and ejected through the rear tailpipe.

However, because of the leak, the fumes may rise up and start to fill the area where you and your passengers are riding. Even if you do not detect the fumes, they could adversely affect the health of whoever is inside because of exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals. 

2. Hole in the System Leads to Less Power and More Money Spent on Fuel 

Another reason why you should not wait to have the hole fixed is that it will lead to issues with your engine. Normally, the exhaust system is a closed system, and it is an integral part of the combustion cycle of the engine. If there is a leak, the pressure within the system drops, which leads to problems with the engine's ability to fully ignite the fuel. The engine will have to work harder, resulting in less power as well as an increased need for fuel. Because of this, you will have to spend more money at the gas pump.

Although a small hole in your car's exhaust may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to problems. Not only will your vehicle's engine lose power and require more fuel to run, but the exhaust can leak into the car and expose you and your passengers to carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals. Instead of waiting, take your car to an auto service that offers exhaust system repairs services to have them fully inspect the system and take the necessary actions to fix it as soon as possible.