3 Tips to Keep Your Transmission in Great Shape Year After Year

When it comes to car maintenance, most vehicle owners know to keep up with their engine oil and maybe change the air filter every few months. But there are a lot of other important parts under the hood that you should keep an eye on. One of the most important parts of any vehicle besides the engine is the transmission. If you want to avoid having to take your car in for a transmission repair anytime soon, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Smooth Driving Is Key

Regardless of whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, the vehicle will benefit from an owner that accelerates with patience. Causing your vehicle to have to suddenly switch gears on a moment's notice will add wear and tear to your transmission over time. When you accelerate, slowly press down on the gas pedal and wait until you feel the transmission kick in before you push it down further. 

Your Transmission Needs Fluid, Too

Again, just about every car owner understands the importance of engine oil. But your transmission needs a clean batch of transmission fluid every once in a while for it to run in an optimal state. For best results, have the car repair shop inspect your transmission fluid during every engine oil change. If they notice a problem, you can decide to get that fluid swapped out as well. If possible, stick with whatever fluid is recommended by your car's manufacturer.

Don't Forget the Cooling System or Filter

Your engine's cooling system uses coolant to keep the engine in good shape during operation. But did you know that the same coolant is responsible for keeping your transmission fluid cooled as well? If the fluid gets too hot, it could cause damage to the transmission. You'll also want to keep an eye on your transmission filter if your vehicle has one. You might be used to leaving your air filter in the vehicle for a little longer than recommended but you shouldn't try this trick when it comes to the transmission.

If you want to keep your vehicle out of the repair shop, start remembering to inspect your transmission and everything that works in conjunction with it when it's time to change your engine oil. Your transmission's fluid and filter might be in need of a change. In the meantime, be careful with how fast you accelerate or slow down while out on the open road. Contact a shop like B G & S Transmissions if you suspect you're having trouble with your car's transmission.