When To Treat Windshield Damage As An Emergency

As a motorist, you have probably wondered at one time or another whether to drive with a cracked windshield or head to the nearest auto repair shop. Well, whether or not a damaged windshield is an emergency depends on several factors, and you should consider it an emergency if you experience any of the following. 

The Crack Is In Your Line of Vision

Anything that blocks your line of vision is a danger to your driving safety. You need to have a clear sight of the road at all times so that you can steer the car safely and spot dangers in time to avoid them. Therefore, if the crack is in your direct line of sight, and it's sizable, don't waste any more time in getting it fixed.

The Crack Is Letting Moisture into the Glass

The windshield is not made from a single piece of glass; it is actually two pieces of glass with a thin piece of plastic between them. The laminated piece of plastic between the two glass materials is for safety purposes since it prevents the glass from shattering and flying off upon intact. However, the dual layer nature of the windshield also means a crack may introduce moisture and dirt between the two pieces of glass if the crack is deep enough. In such a case, the dirt and moisture will cloud up the windshield, reducing visibility. Replace your glass as soon as you notice the windshield clouding up.

The Crack Is Big

A big windshield crack is always a cause of concern irrespective of its location. Driving with such a crack means that your windshield's safety, and by extension your whole car's safety, is severely compromised. This is because the windshield supports the car's body (particularly the roof of the car), prevents you front being thrown out of the car, and also assists the airbag to deploy safety during an accident. It can only do this if its integrity isn't compromised. The rule of thumb is that if a crack is so big that it cannot be repaired and the windshield needs to be replaced, then you shouldn't waste any more time in getting it fixed.

The Crack Is Growing

Lastly, you should not delay in fixing a crack that is growing because you never know when it will get big enough to compromise your driving. Therefore, if the crack is bigger today than it was yesterday, then it's time to consult your mechanic for a solution. 

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