How To Tell When It's Time For A New Set Of Tires

Keeping a good set of tires on your car is critical if you want the vehicle to perform well. You might have a great engine, an impeccable transmission and an exceptional powertrain but if the tires are bad none of this will make your car glide over the road with ease. Rather than waiting until you have an unfortunate experience that leaves you stranded on the side of the road, keep reading to learn the signs that it's time for you to purchase some new tires.

Small Threads Have Started To Show Up On The Tires

If you kneel down beside your tires and notice fine threads starting to come loose from the tire itself, you should take the problem seriously. The elasticity of the rubber that holds the tire together has started to unravel and if you're not careful the tire could explode when you hit high speeds on the road. This places you and everyone in your car in danger and could also be hazardous for other people on the highway. 

Your tires could be shedding for a number of reasons. The threads can come undone due to age and deterioration, but it can also happen if you live in an area that has rough terrain. The rocks and gravel that you drive over each day can do a number on your tires and when the threads appear it means that your tires are almost at the point of no return. Head over to a tire shop and let them examine your vehicle to see which tires are going to be the perfect replacement.

The Car Shakes As You Drive It

It's also vital for you to pay attention to your driving experience when you are behind the wheel. You should be able to enjoy a smooth ride when you're driving because it's hard to control a car that is shaking as you move over the road. The shaking that is happening may be occurring because the tires are getting so low on tread that they aren't able to move over each street without you feeling nearly every hole and bump that is there. 

When you go to the tire shop you should tell the tire technician who services you what kinds of symptoms you've been noticing with the car. They will then be able to recommend the right tires that will enable you to enjoy your car once again. To learn more, contact a business such as Walker Tire / Quick Nick's (2 separate businesses)