3 Tips To Help With Routine Maintenance Of Diesel Engines For European Car Care

European cars are often high-performance machines with diesel engines. This means that to give them the power they need, they have features like direct fuel injection and turbochargers. Diesel engines in cars will also need different maintenance than gasoline engines and have some issues that you want to be aware of. Here are some tips to help with the routine maintenance of European cars with diesel engines:

1. Problems With Fuel Systems That Affect Diesel Engine Performance

The modern diesel engine has an oil and fuel filter to remove particles, as well as sensitive sensors for injectors and intake. When you get bad fuel or forget to change filters, this can lead to problems with the engine performance. Dirt on the sensors and in the emissions controls can cause stuttering when idling or even cause the engine to completely shut off. To reduce this problem, make sure you use higher quality fuel and change fuel filters routinely. If your problem persists, consider disabling the emissions system with DPF delete.

2. Oil And Filter Changes To Reduce Performance Issues In Diesel Engines

Oil and air filters are also important with diesel engines. Dirty oil and air filters can lead to problems with the fuel and air mixture, causing a reduction in performance. Make sure to change the filters regularly to prevent these problems. If you have a problem with performance between scheduled maintenance, remove the filters and clean them. Check the oil filter for signs of black debris going back to the engine from the emissions system.

3. Emission Systems Problems That Cause Engine Damage That Reduces Performance

A lot of the problems with modern high-performance diesel engines comes from emissions systems DPF filters. These diesel particulate filters collected the soot particles to reduce emissions, but this has an impact on the durability of diesel engines. The DPF causes the particles to become trapped between the engine and the exhaust; leading to hotter operating temperatures, which can cause damage to the engine. A DPF delete kit will help reduce wear on the engine and improve overall performance that is hampered with these modern emissions systems.

These are some tips to help with the unique maintenance needs of diesel engines in European cars. If you have a car with a diesel engine that is running hot and under-performing, get a DFG delete kit from a reputable diesel parts service to prevent damage and improve performance. Talk to a company like Cantune to learn more.