Beyond Aesthetics: Other Reasons To Tint Your Car Windows

You may have seen fancy sports cars driving down the road with tinted windows and assumed the tint was merely a cosmetic option -- like fancy rims or racing stripes. However, while window tint is often found to be attractive, there are a lot of reasons other than aesthetics to apply tint to your car windows. Here are a few of them.

The tint keeps the glass from shattering.

Your windshield is probably made from shatter-proof glass that will all stay connected to a film if you were to get in a crash. The other windows in your vehicle may not have this coating. Covering them in window film makes them a lot safer. If you are in a collision and the window breaks, many of the pieces of glass will stay stuck to the film rather than getting tossed onto your passengers or out into the road.

The tint reduces glare from the sun.

Have you ever been driving along when suddenly a bright beam of sunlight passes through one of the windows, nearly blinding you? This is not a safe situation to be in; you could easily collide with another vehicle or go through a traffic light you don't see. Window tint prevents such glare, improving your safety. Even if you only get very light tint, they will stop enough of the sunlight to keep you safe.

The tint stops your upholstery from bleaching.

If you have ever set foot in a car that's a few years old and does not have tinted windows, you probably noticed how the upholstery was bleached out in some areas. This is a natural effect of the sunshine over time. Even when fabrics are made to resist bleaching, they do eventually fade after years of sun exposure. However, window tinting can prevent such bleaching. Just make sure you specifically ask for tints that block UV rays.

The tint keeps your car cooler.

Climbing into a sweltering hot car after you've been outside all day can feel excruciating. Your window tint won't keep your car at a balmy 60 on a 100-degree day, but it will help keep the car somewhat more bearable. Every degree makes a difference on those summer scorchers!

Even if you are not in love with the look of window tint, having your windows tinted is a smart investment that will keep you comfortable and help protect your car and passengers. Contact a company like Sun Tint for more information and assistance.