Purchased A New Fleet Truck Company? 3 Tips On Keeping Your Trucks On The Road

If you just purchased a new fleet truck company, you want to make sure you keep the trucks on the road. If something does happen to the trucks, this will cause you to lose money, as well as lose a lot of time. To help you, below are three tips to keep your trucks on the road.

1. Train Your Drivers

Your drivers need to learn how to take care of the truck they are driving. For example, the employees need to be trained on how to do basic things, such as checking the tires for problems, and checking fluids, such as brake fluids. The truck may also have performance problems, such as misfiring, using much more gas than it normally does, and rough idling when the truck is stopped.

Make sure you train your drivers to contact you immediately when they know something is wrong with their truck. You can then contact your repair technician and set up an appointment for them to inspect the truck and repair it for any problems they find.

2. Choose a Fleet Truck Mechanic in the Right Location

When choosing a fleet truck mechanic determine where they are located. For example, if your fleet trucks take the same routes daily, a fleet truck mechanic located in the same area the trucks are in will be very helpful for you and the drivers. This means if something happens to the truck, they can call the mechanic and the mechanic can come to the truck and do things like repair a flat tire, swap out a battery, and much more.

If the truck cannot be repaired, the mechanic can have the truck towed to their garage so they can get it repaired.

3. Maintain Routine Maintenance

You should set up a schedule to make sure each truck is maintained properly. For example, write down the mileage for each truck. This way you will know when it is time to do maintenance, such as changing the oil, checking the fluids, checking the brakes, and more.

Your employees should give you the mileage on their trucks at least once a month. The driver should also know when the truck was last maintained. You can purchase software that will help you do this or set up a database on your own. Talk with several fleet truck mechanics in the right area to learn much more about how they can help you and your drivers. For more information, contact a company like Folsom  Diesel Works.