Have An Automatic Transmission? 2 Ways To Treat It Right

Your transmission helps keep you rolling down the road. If you treat your transmission right, you will be able to avoid costly repairs. How to take care of your transmission varies based on if you have an automatic or manual transmission. Discussed below are two ways to take great care of an automatic transmission.

Use the Right Type of Fluid in Your Transmission

Not all transmission fluid or engines are made the same. There are a variety of different types of transmission fluid that can be used in your vehicle. If the wrong types of transmission fluid is mixed together in your vehicle, they can gel together and ruin your engine.

Your driver's manual as well as an experienced mechanic should be able to tell you the exact type of transmission fluid that your vehicle needs. A mechanic will also be able to tell you what color and smell your transmission fluid should have, so you can always double-check the color of the transmission fluid to make sure that the right fluid is in your vehicle.

There are various kinds of transmission fluid, just like there are various kinds of oil, so be careful and make sure that you are using the right fluid in your vehicle.

Be Sure to Flush Out Your Transmission Fluid

Throughout the year, you want to check the level of transmission fluid in your vehicle and make sure that it is between the maximum and minimum fill lines. You can top off the transmission fluid in your vehicle when your vehicle's engine is nice and cool.

However, every other year at least, you need to have your transmission fluid flushed. When you flush your transmission fluid, all the old fluid is drained from your vehicle, new fluid is pushed through the system to clean it out and that fluid is drained, and then entirely new fluid is added to your system.

It is kind of like the difference between topping off your oil between oil changes and actually getting an oil change. Flushing your transmission fluid will help extend the life of your transmission and your engine.

Treat your transmission right by using the right fluid in your transmission, topping off your transmission fluid to keep it above the minimum fill line, and flushing your transmission fluid every few years to keep everything running smoothly with your automatic transmission. To learn more, contact a company like Redford Auto Repair.