3 Changes To Make Your Vintage Car Safer

Old cars hold this nostalgic charm that is hard to avoid for some vehicle enthusiasts. There can be nothing better than cruising along in a spiffy car restored to its natural beauty that reminds everyone you pass of years gone by. While old cars have that nostalgic value and beauty, they are also not as safe as many of the cars on the road today. The fact is, if you are going to be putting your vintage show car on the road, it is best to implement a few safety changes. Here are three changes you should make to ensure your vintage car is as safe as possible. 

Install a new windshield in your old car. 

The windshield of old vehicles was basically a simple pane of glass meant to keep the wind off of the driver's face while they drove. The glass is not always tempered, it can be brittle, and it will likely break fairly easily even with the slightest impact.

To ensure you are protected when you are driving your old car, it is best to have a modern windshield installed. These windshields may have to be custom made by a windshield replacement service, but they are a critical safety feature of any vehicle. 

Install modern braking systems. 

Old cars were pretty notorious for having brake systems that didn't do the best at stopping the car safely and effectively when the driver needed to come to a full stop. Therefore, using the same old brakes when there are better options available is not the safest thing to do.

Check out the brake system of your old car to determine if it is one of the older styles. Do some research to find out the pitfalls of the brake system your vintage ride has, and have the brakes upgraded to something more efficient and safe if they are not the greatest. 

Install seatbelts if the car has none. 

It was not a requirement that all cars have seat belts until Congress passed The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act in 1966. Therefore, if your car is older than 1966, you may not even have seat belts in it. It is never a good idea to drive or ride in a car without seat belts, and it is even the law that you have to wear one in some states. So make sure if your car does not have seat belts, you have them installed.